About Us

About us:


We are a small company that was started by a single father of a 2, Joe Zuke, in a small Michigan town. Joe could not find the things that he wanted and/or needed to reach the goals. He went on a search for quality products that anyone could afford.

 Joe had a vison to start a company that would sell unique and specialty products at a fair price to people from all over. So he has taken his love of items used in the gym and the outdoors and put them together in one site for everyone to purchase.  Joe’s motto is “Once you become Fearless you become limitless”.

  Joe knows that with enough will power and focus that anyone can become fearless, seeing life as a limitless pursuit and a better way of living whether it be Mind, Body, and/or Sprit.  He wants to help provide some of the tools to get you where you want to go and to be whom you want to be.

Don’t be surprised if you get a personal e-mail asking your opinion of the items listed and things that you want.  If there is one thing you just can’t find, let us know, I am sure we can find it. Our purpose is to make you a lifelong enthusiast, like family not just a one-time sale.